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Spy Bluetooth GSM Earpiece Box

Code : SSE-008

Package Includes:

1 x SBL05 GSM Box with 3,5 watt amplifier
1 x Recharge cable
1 x USB Power Adapter cable
1 x Covert micro earpiece SE02 (you can also choose other models)
2 x Batteries for micro earpiece (you can also order more)
1 x Small brush and holl out tool for the battery
1 x User manual in English or German

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Spy Bluetooth GSM Earpiece Box

Today technology has been added immensely in our daily life and offering more and more innovative new gadgets as now the technology has offered Spy Bluetooth GSM Earpiece Box in Delhi which helps you to get the invisible secret communication. You can buy this Bluetooth device online or offline at our shops and can also get a love demo.

What is Spy Bluetooth GSM Earpiece Box?

Newly launched Spy Bluetooth GSM Earpiece Box is a unique Spy Device for invisible two way mobile communications during conferences, meetings or any other important cases that requires secret assistance. This Spy GSM Earpiece Box in Delhi works the SIM- cards of all Mobile Phones worldwide. You will not be caught by anyone while using this device and have feel safe and secure to use this GSM Bluetooth Box. This device is much in Demand because of its popularity in youth.

Key Features of GSM Bluetooth Box

  • • This device enables Hands Free Communication
  • • Most importantly, this device does not need any Mobile, Phone or Bluetooth for communication.
  • • The device can be used for monitoring the audio in a particular room.
  • • Spy Earpiece GSM, ATM card anti Jammer is inbuilt with a sensitive microphone 3gdB microphone.
  • • The Device can receive the conversation from anywhere.
  • • The device works within the distance of the 50cm.
  • • This Device has crystal clear sound.

Best Applications of Spy Bluetooth GSM Box

  • • Examination Hall
  • • Investigators
  • • Interviewee
  • • Employees during Meeting
  • • To Reveal the Culprit
  • • Sting Operations
  • • Personal Protection
  • • Best to help you when you are in trouble

How Does Bluetooth GSM Box works?

The Spy Bluetooth GSM Box in Delhi features a built-in GSM module operating at 900+1800MHz for European and Asian networks, and at 850+1900MHz for Australian and American providers.

GSM box is a user-friendly device, and its operation principle includes 3 phases only:

  • 1. Insert your SIM-card into GSM box and switch on the Bluetooth device.
  • 2. Insert the Bluetooth earpiece into your ear canal.
  • 3. Make or receive a phone call to begin your first secret communication.

As a result, you can make use of invisible two-way connection without a cell phone. You will hear your assistant through the micro earpiece, and he will hear you through the microphone of GSM box.

Note: We have the best quality assured Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Device at our shop in Delhi and we also offer our customer maximum customers satisfaction.