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Spy GSM Mask Shop in Banglore

Code : SSE-021

Main Features:

UltraSound quality - 100% Audible
Battery backup - 6 to 7 Hours
Function - Auto Call Receiving
Get Complete set of GSM mask 4.5 watts with Nano magnetic earpiece

How to Use?

Step 1 - Charge the device for 3 to 4 hours
step 2 - After charging insert any GSM SIM (NON-JIO) and wait for a minute.
Step 3 - wear the mask and insert the earpiece into your ear.
Step 4 - Now make a call to the SIM number that you inserted into the mask.
That's All

Package Includes

1 X GSM mask 4.5 watt - KSYGMM45
1 X magnetic earpieces
1 X Iron Stick for taking out magnets from ear
1 X Charging Cable
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Spy GSM Mask Shop in Banglore

Today technology increased day by day and many companies put great efforts for designing latest technology devices. Spy GSM mask shop in Banglore provides you best gadget that will you in exams for scoring best marks. This is a world class spy gadget in market today. This device enables hands free communication. The smallest earphone with GSM mask helps to communicate with other in examination and write the answer. This device is much in demand because of its popularity.


1. Is this device easy to use?

Yes, this device is easy to use; you just put a sim in the mask and call the number to connect.

2. How can we buy this device?

You can buy this device from Sharp Spy Eye at reasonable price.

3. Can we buy Spy GSM mask offine?

Yes, You can buy this device from Sharp Spy Shop Both Offline and online.