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Spy GSM Mask Shop in Mumbai

Code : SSE-021

Main Features:

UltraSound quality - 100% Audible
Battery backup - 6 to 7 Hours
Function - Auto Call Receiving
Get Complete set of GSM mask 4.5 watts with Nano magnetic earpiece

How to Use?

Step 1 - Charge the device for 3 to 4 hours
step 2 - After charging insert any GSM SIM (NON-JIO) and wait for a minute.
Step 3 - wear the mask and insert the earpiece into your ear.
Step 4 - Now make a call to the SIM number that you inserted into the mask.
That's All

Package Includes

1 X GSM mask 4.5 watt - KSYGMM45
1 X magnetic earpieces
1 X Iron Stick for taking out magnets from ear
1 X Charging Cable
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Spy GSM Mask Shop in Mumbai

Today we are much dependent on new technology and technology increase day by day as they put great impact on our daily life. Now these days, science has been offered Spy GSM Mask with magnetic earpiece that helps to score best marks in examination. This Spy GSM Mask shop in Mumbai enables the best for personal use as students are using this device for exam cheating. This Spy GSM mask is much high in demand and popular in use.


1. How does this Spy GSM mask work?

The GSM mask in Mumbai is easy to use.
First pop up the provided battery into spy earpiece and insert the earpiece in your ear.
Put the Sim Card inside GSM Box and now you can call your partner whom you want to talk to.

2. What is the distance range of this device?

This device works within in the range of 50cm.

3. What are the features of Spy GSM mask?

The most advanced features of this device for convert operations. The set contains the earpiece together with a inductive loop. In this way you can easily communicate with your partner in examination.