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GSM Earpiece Locket or Tabiz

Code : SSE-021

Main Features:

One Touch Answering
Wireless Connection to Earpiece
Build in Recharagble Battery
Cool Light Blue Indicator
Voice Dialing Available
Small and Compact in Size
Easy to Wear for Long Periods of Time

Technical Features:

Bluetooth &neck loop color: Black
Integrated Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth Password is "0000"
Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth equipped phone
Battery life: talking time 8 hours, standby 150hours

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Package Includes:

1 x Bluetooth Earpiece GSM Tabiz
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Operating Manual
1x Spy Earpiece


GSM Earpiece Locket or Tabiz

This Spy GSM Earpiece Locket is our latest device in the market for secret two way communication. This GSM Earpiece Tabiz in Delhi has more power than any another Bluetooth transmitter device to derive the micro covert communications. This built in microphone or amplifier offers stronger output audio signal with the same power consumption.

This product is the result of teamwork of technical designers with nano technology specialists.

Advantages of GSM Earpiece Locket:

Easy to operate and one touch answering

This GSM Earpiece Tabiz in Delhi is very easy to use as you just need to connect your Bluetooth device with distant mobile phone. Once connected, you can start having conversation with the distant person via hidden microphone in your ears.

Useful in Meetings, Conferences or Presentations – Best Performance

This device is so small and tiny in size that it almost hidden from the person in front of you. While you are going for meeting or presentation when you are not so confident, this device will surely help you the best. Having this GSM Earpiece Locket, you just connect with the distant person and start your secret conversation to make your presentation best and remarkable.

Hands Free Cell Phone Communication

You do not need to carry the device in your hands like normal communication. As you wearing the GSM Earpiece Tabiz in your neck, and place the invisible nano microphone in your ear and connect the Bluetooth device with distant person’s mobile phone. Doing all these activities step by step, you will have hands free cell phone secret communication with your friends or colleagues.

Disclose somebody’s secrets

You can easily disclose the cheat or fraud person and reveal the truth. With this device you can also secretly have all the information of cheat person and can easily catch the culprit red handed.

Use for Enjoyment and Fun

You can also use this device for enjoyment and fun with your friends when you have get bored or wan to do something innovative.

Remarkable features of GSM Earpiece Locket

This device is completely indispensable or inseparable without your permission. Means you can be catch be anyone while using this device and surely you can have the best secret communication ever.