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Spy Bluetooth Shirt Earpiece

Code : SSE-013

Key Features of Spy Bluetooth Shirt Earpiece

This device enables Hands Free Communication
Two way mobile communications during conferences, meetings or any other important cases
This Device is Ideal for two way communication and where you can keep your conversation secret or hidden.
The device includes a microphone which accompanies you to hear the clear sound like a crystal, makes you enable to hear all the information which your partner will tell you in real time.
The sensitive microphone, built in the glasses, allows you to speak with your partner who is ready to dictate you all the necessary information in real time.
Spy Bluetooth shirt in Lucknow can work with any mobile phone having Bluetooth function.
Best to reveal somone’s truth or catch the culprit red handed.

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Package Includes:

Spy shirt
Spy Earpiece
2 batteries


Technical Specifications:

• Shape: anatomical shape
• Receiver type: magnetic/analogue
• Maximum volume: 110dB
• Battery: Sony sr416sw/337
• Sound player: an mp3 player, Dictaphone etc.
• Size: 5x7x10mm
• Net Weight: 0.8g
• Interference: 2%
• Transmission range: to earpiece :10-20cm, to cell phone :max 10 meter
• Bluetooth version: 3.0
• Talking time: max 6h
• Standby time: max 48h
• Charge time: about 1h
• Match password: 0000 or 1111

How to operate the device:

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Shirt in Lucknow is a small wireless piece which receives the audio. The earpiece is worn in the ear canal. It functions with the Bluetooth .The gadget does not make any noise, so no one will come to know that you are communicating. The device can receive the signals from anywhere. The device is ideal for two way communication Spy Bluetooth shirt Earpiece set can be used in school examinations, meetings and for investigation.

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